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A cultural revolution.




Unity Rising is a super troupe of movement musicians. A powerhouse of inspiration, they involve an ever-changing cast of characters and musicians and their messages for the movement are centered around community building and creatively building up unity.

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Community building is the primary focus of Circus of Purpose. Building foundation for sustainable living and working together with our fellow humans, co-creating the reality that will best meet the needs of every living being.

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Traveling Circus


From out in the middle of the forest, to the deep inner cities, the circus is everywhere! You may be a part of it and not even know it yet!

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Cast of Characters


Moon Marie



Maha Lakshmi



Majik “Smudge”



Kim Keffer


Hue Mann “Lion”



Create your purpose. Know that you’re worth it.


About Us

First and foremost, Circus of Purpose is a concept. A way of being, anyone can embody.

What is your circus and what is your Purpose?