So what is commUNITY building?

     Actions and activities focused towards implementing and building up unity. Embodying permaculture principals in two forms, physical and interpersonal. Some of the physical expressions include building the foundation and infrastructure for community/village/tribal style living, i.e. community kitchens, gardens, living and gathering spaces, and composting toilets/outhouses. Some of the interpersonal expressions include investing in the connections and relationships with other humans, i.e. workshops, circle talks, dances, gatherings, creating and sharing meals together, and creating a prosperous and harmonious working, playing, and living environment.

     When we talk about community, we recognize there’s a lot of different aspects to it. A community can refer to a specific place where humans live with other humans, working together to ensure the needs of the collective and the individuals are met, having shared experiences. It can also be a concept–the feeling of being around like-minded people, for instance.

     As community builders, our intentions and directives are geared towards the positive evolution of humanity, and we strive to build up community wherever we go! This could be encouraging humans gathering in parks through free food shares and live music, to showing up at existing community spaces and offering assistance and fresh energy.


Gathering and Event Facilitation

Building foundation for community living, with an emphasis on:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Composting toilets/outhouses
  • Gardens
  • Circle talks
  • Group flow facilitation
  • Social permaculture

F.a.m.-Jam Kitchen

Food As Medicine, a holistic plant-based community kitchen with a warming fireside jam space. Emphasis on healthy eating and fostering connection.

live performance

Unity Rising

Clown Theatre

Flow Arts

Puppet Shows

Children’s Circus

Clowning with Kids

Stages & Kids’ Theatre

Variety of Talent Show

Art Tent

Reading Lounge

workshops & “playshops”

Nonviolent Communication

Inner Child Healing

“The Artist’s Way” with Kim Keffer

Fermentation 101: Saurkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha





The Garden

Growing food

The Garden, formerly known as Shut Up and Grow It, is an egalitarian, alternative, leaderless (leaderful), community, propagating a culture of sharing, freedom, and cooperation.

SaGE Valley

nature school

A 501(c)3 nonprofit, events and education center, and budding eco-village in the rolling hills of the White River Valley in Southern Indiana.

the gnarly gnome collective

Artist sanctuary

Artist collective where there exists incredible stone structures and pallets galore! Everything here is art made from salvaged materials.

The Grateful Hammock

music & Arts

An ever changing community of like minded people that would like to help the Earth heal though music and nature.