Circus of Purpose is a traveling entertainment troupe of community builders and event facilitators which aims to energize a cultural shift towards a positive new world through creative performance, inspirational education, and creatively building up community everywhere we go.

We work with various nonprofits, including the People’s Project, Sage Valley, Grateful4Grace, and caravan with a rotating crew of individuals, buses, and support vehicles, all dedicated towards living the solution, being the change.

Our dream is to see the needs of all humans met through symbiotic relationships, in harmony with each other and the planet we share. We believe that clean water, clean air, whole foods, access to information, and land to exist on are basic human rights worth standing for. Share the land, free the people!

Principals of Operation

Egalitarian / Consensus Based – No one is in charge here, we are all leaders, there is no hierarchy, except for that decided upon within individual units. Decisions concerning operation will be reached through consensus.

Not For Profit – Circus of Purpose exists for the purpose of making the world a better place. The mission comes first, money will always be a tool to further the mission. Our goal is to be 100% donation based, but this isn’t always the reality. We sometimes engage in for profit activities, but only so that we are able to continue our work. As much as possible, we operate without money.

Transparent – Donations, Expenditures, and Social Contracts will be 100% freely available. We want to build a foundation of trust, so that it is clear that we are here to do good work.

Peaceful / Nonviolent – We come in love and understanding.


Regenerative – Beyond sustainable, we want to invest our time and resources in systems which respect and care for the planet we share. As much as reasonably possible, we aim to operate in ways which do not harm the ecology of our mother earth.

Unity / Balance – Neglect not the individual for the collective, nor the collective for the individual. We exist within an interdependent reality and want to act in ways which recognize that fact.

Solution Based / Positive Direct Action – We are here to build a better world, not tear the old one down. We take actions which involve realistic solutions to problems.

Integrity / Accountability – We hold ourselves and each other to these principals, and we ask you to do the same.