A circus for the people by the people of the people.

A circus focused on creating solution.

we are small and growing.

The larger vision includes thousands coming together.

empowering themselves and each other by bringing their unique magic to the show and the collective economy built by autonomy.



Meet Our Mobile Team

BirthA Change

Since 2017, this ’94 Chevy G20 Van has been birthing a change and making a difference all throughout the midwest and southeast. From hauling resources to communities, to transporting travelers, to carrying all the necessities, BirthA does it all in style!


Seniorista Vampriesta

Since 2019, this ’89 Chevy G30 Motorhome and pull-behind trailer (TinyButt) have been a crucial part of the traveling circus, acting as the carrier for our FAM-Jam popup kitchen, crew members and equipment of Unity Rising, and a mobile permaculture unit.


Water Is Life Bus

One of the main units of the People’s Project, the Water Is Life bus has been an inspiration and a colorful addition to the Circus. It has been a part of countless radical events including Standing Rock, and has traveled all over the US, from Florida to California to New York. When linked up with Circus of Purpose, they play a huge role in creating and facilitating a children’s play, learning, and activity space.


Our resident artist, Kim Keffer, and her trusty steed. Kim does live painting with Unity Rising as well as hosts Artist’s Way, a creative and interactive workshop.

Dragon’s Keep

Recently taking part in the facilitation of the FAM-Jam kitchen, our friends Vibe and Kat have just recently started an epic journey in their new bus!




Kendra Kendiwomple

Traveling artist and founder of Kendiwomple Creative. Kendra has a unique style and approach to painting, and has been a part of Unity Rising as a live painter.

Check out her website at: http://www.kendrastrebig.com/



In The Works



Valley Divine Intuitive Sanctuary

This RV has been a home to many of our commUNITY building friends moving in and out of Sage Valley, 501c3 non-profit, over the years. It is now time for it to be born again, like a phoenix, as the Valley Divine Intuitive Sanctuary! This vehicle will be another unit of the Circus of Purpose caravan!

We will come together in this space to honor every aspect of this ever-evolving life and help each other move forward throughout the days in a space of gratitude. We will help each other learn to love ourselves in every variation of our own being, as well as the cycles that we exist within and are very much a part of. It will host guided meditation, workshops, sacred circles and sacred medicine ceremonies.

This RV is in desperate need to be entirely gutted to make it livable and to be rebuilt to suit the needs of this mission. We have already done this process in the FAM-Jam kitchen RV (Seniorista Vampriesta) and are in need of funds to get it road worthy as well. It currently has a lot of mold and mildew build up and needs several mechanical repairs before we can move it from Sage Valley.

A Pop-Up Inner Observatory and Ceremony Space


  • The perfect tent (circular and canvas)
  • New master cylinder
  • New tires
  • New battery
  • Fluid flush/change – brake lines, gas tank, oil change
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Caulk; lots of silicone to seal windows and exterior
  • Interior wall removal/replacement
  • Masks
  • High % acidity vinegar (for demolding)
  • Ozone generator (to kill active mold)

We’re always manifesting passionate people dedicated to living their dream reality and aiding in the positive evolution of humanity

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