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Unity Rising is a the musical aspect of Circus of Purpose. An ever-changing cast of characters, we are a collaboration of individuals dedicated to seeing humanity thriving and sharing music which contributes to the healing and evolution of humanity. We sing of hope, freedom, community building, heart actions, and being the change.

“What kind of music do you play?” is a question we’re commonly asked. We like to call our genre Pungent Folk. We are a experimental jam band, traversing multiple genres and cultural styles of music. But we are more than just a group of musicians–we are a complete love light experience and no two shows will ever be the same.

We tune our instruments to the frequency of the Earth, and in playing to a vibration of 432Hz, help heal our physical and emotional bodies.

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We travel the southeast US and the midwest. Contact us to see if we’re in a region near you!
Email us: unityrising333@gmail.com

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Upcoming Events


Oct 2021

Time TBA

The Green Man Tavern @ Autumn Fires – Wisteria, Pomeroy, OH


Nov 2021

Time TBA

Danksgiving Music Festival – Melrose, FL


Nov 2021


Unicorns Unite – Glory Road Gardens, Lutz, FL


Dec 2021


Local Florida Bars